tidecruz cinematography

Using a Canon 5D MKIII, a hand full of his fathers lens' and a couple extra batteries, tidecruz captures moments of his life as fleets. He always makes a point to sneak shots, or catch things as they truly happened. We all recognize a staged shot when we see it. Tidecruz style one could say, is everyday just things. Below are some examples of his self made music videos. Once you play one, you should find it easy to locate the others on YouTube, or just use the actual YouTube button below to go to the tidecruz Offical Channel.


Simple Animation + Film + Original Music

tidecruz is a musician before an animator, but he sometimes will dabble in drawn animation for music videos. all content is original and hand made with paper, pen, camera, laptop, software etc;


Normal Life

In the same way we learned on "The Story" page, tidecruz dosen't just use day to day objects to make sounds, he also films day to day things to make visuals. For these kinds of videos, normal places, things, and people come to life in new ways. Tidecruz tries to find the most overlooked things and put them in the spotlight for his music videos. See what we mean in the link below.


His Own Best Friend

Tidecruz used to make skate videos before all the music. He tried his best to be a good friend to the kids he wasted his better years with. But thru all the wasted weekends doing drugs and lying to his parents he learned one thing. The theiving, no-good scum bags he was hanging with we're no friends at all. He had to best friends all this time he was pushing away. His loving mother and father. While some kids wait till their parents are dead to appreciate them, tidecruz chose to quit smoking his life away with the kids who were getting him arrested, stealing from him and over-all dragging him down and wasting his artistic abilities. He currently is in a new city working on his first movie soundtrack. With the love and wisdom of his mother and father, tidecruz avoids those who waste his time and steer him away from his talents. Now he only speaks to his family, and makes music and film.

tidecruz would like to personally thank his mother and father, if they do come across this.
"Thank you mom and dad, for helping me find the light inside. i love you both eternally."