We could try to put a number to how many artists tidecruz has created with, but then the number would have to be updated everyday. So instead we've selected some of the best features of tidecruz work thus far. From female vocalists in USA, fellow beat makers in Amsterdam, to his female counterpart in Russia. tidecruz is a worldwide phenomenon, welcoming artists of all shapes, sizes, colors, flavors, and walks of life.


kaiyko \ tidecruz

The duo has released two songs so far. Click the titles below to enjoy.

the iconic tear jerker - Ends Well


the deep thinker - It's Better When You Don't Try

p.thepi \ tidecruz

From a fan to a best friend, p.thepi and tidecruz met because of Instagram shortly before tidecruz deleted all social media websites attached to his name.

These two hit it off perfectly, both having recorded countless life sounds to make music with, both collecting as many instruments as possible, and both being very existential thinkers. Only two songs have been made thus far, but i think from America to Russia many are excited to see what happens next.


p.thepi & tidecruz - серая земля greyland


p.thepi & tidecruz - Мы мечтаем о том же завтра



heartmath² \ tidecruz

heartmath² from Amsterdam and tidecruz from usa.

other sides of the world, put together into one sound. enjoy the fusion below.


heartmath² \ tidecruz - Cloud Break