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Tidecruz is a experimental composer from Kansas City. Selling his first song to VICELAND at age 21, he was well on his way. For years he tinkered with instrumentals and household objects, teaching himself how to modulate sound and turn any sound into any other sound. For over 6 years he hand cut and organized an archive of original sounds to use as percussion in his work, aswell as sounds maluable enough to transform into synths and other instrument mirroring tones thru modulation. In doing so he recorded 49 albums. However he never did any marketing. Still 21, he traveled to NYC to play his first live show. Fans knew the words to his songs, and mouthed along as his collaborator leaned against him playing guitar. It was then it occurred to him; he needed to share more of what he did and make his work less personal. Never accepting money from fans, all his songs are available on bandcamp for free. Every day, tidecruz makes new music, some of which currently being scored for major motion pictures.

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FREE ALBUMS (over 400 songs)

While he refuses to accept money for you to listen to his work, He does sell exclusive pieces to TV networks and movies in production regularly. If you are interested in something you herd on iTunes, Spotify, or YouTube, Email us ____Here____.

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